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Formula Storage self storage facility in Brampton, featuring multiple different storage locker unit types.

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If you are looking for a temporary space for your belongings, a storage unit can be a real gamechanger. One of the most common questions people ask when considering a self-storage solution is about the size of it. So, which size storage unit do you need? Even though choosing the right size for your storage needs can be a bit challenging, the answer is simple, especially with the various sizes available at facilities like Formula Storage in Brampton and Woodbridge. We have put together a guide to assist you in making an informed decision.

Learn some helpful tips to keep your self-storage units organized.

1. Assess Your Belongings

The first step in selecting the right storage unit size is to take inventory of the items you need to store. Consider not only the size of each item but also its shape and weight. Fragile or delicate items may require additional padding, while oddly-shaped objects might need extra room to fit comfortably. Do not forget to think about items you might need to access regularly, as you will want to ensure easy access without having to move everything around.

2. Consider Future Storage Needs

Think about your future storage requirements. Are you planning to store more items in the coming months? Will you need to access certain items frequently? Considering these factors will help you decide on the appropriate storage unit size.

3. Climate-Controlled Storage

If you plan to store sensitive items like electronics, artwork, or a wine collection, you should consider a climate-controlled storage unit. Formula Storage offers climate-controlled units that maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level, protecting your belongings from extreme temperature fluctuations and moisture-related damage.

Formula Storage Unit Sizes

Now that you have a better understanding of your storage needs, let’s explore the common storage unit sizes available at Formula Storage and what they can typically hold.

Small Unit 5×5 (25 sq ft)

This small storage unit is ideal for storing a few boxes, small furniture, and seasonal items. It is perfect for individuals who need to free up some space at home or for students storing belongings during summer breaks.

Small Unit 5×10 (50 sq ft)

A unit this size can accommodate the contents of a small one-bedroom apartment, including a mattress set, some furniture, and boxes. It is also suitable for storing bicycles, small business inventory, or seasonal sports equipment.

Medium Unit 10×10 (100 sq ft)

This medium-sized unit can hold the contents of a two-bedroom apartment or smaller home, including appliances, furniture, and boxes. It is a popular choice for families or businesses that require extra storage space.

Medium Unit 10×15 (150 sq ft)

With enough room to store the contents of a three-bedroom home, this storage unit is suitable for families undergoing a move or renovation. It can comfortably hold larger furniture, appliances, and several boxes.

Large Unit 10×20 (200 sq ft)

This large unit is ideal for storing the contents of a four-bedroom home or larger. It can also be used to store vehicles, such as cars or small boats, in addition to furniture, appliances, and boxes.

If you have any other questions regarding the self-storage options in Brampton, call us at 289-999-2626.

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