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Moving Supplies

Moving Supplies

Stress Free Moving

At Formula, we believe that every stress-free move begins with using the proper supplies to protect your valuables. Our expert storage consultants are ready to help you make the best choices and offer tips and tricks when it comes to organizing, packaging, and protecting your valuable possessions.

We offer an assortment of readily available moving supplies for purchase that can aid you in making your move as easy and stress free as possible.

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Moving Boxes

We offer a variety of high-quality moving boxes in various sizes to accommodate various items and needs:

Small Boxes

Our small boxes are ideal for packing, moving, and storing items such as books, records, CD/DVD collections, video game consoles, or any small but heavier items.

Medium Boxes

These boxes are best for storing larger items such as photo albums, small household appliances, plates, cutlery, and other kitchen utensils as well as items such as small home decor items and shoes.

Large Boxes

Our large boxes are best suited for larger, more lightweight belongings such as towels, bedding, stuffed animals, toys and more.

File Boxes

Our file boxes, with a flip-top lid and cut-out handles for easy carrying, are perfect for storing archived business or personal files.

Picture/Mirror Boxes

These large but narrow boxes are ideal for packing, moving, and storing more delicate items such as wall decor, paintings, or large picture frames.

Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes, with an included metal rail, are an optimal solution for hanging, packing, and moving suits, dresses, dress shirts, blouses, coats and more.

Packing Supplies

We have a variety of moving and packing supplies to help protect your valuable possessions including:

Sofa/Chair Covers

These covers are ideal for protecting chairs, loveseats and couches from dirt, dust, and wear and tear during the storage and moving process.

Mattress Cover

Protect your mattresses using plastic from damage, dirt, and dust during your move.


Ideal for securing, tying down, or bundling items during moves and storage.

Moving Pads and Blankets

Thick moving pads and blankets add a further level of protection for your sofas, dressers, tables and other large furniture pieces from scratches and damage when moving and storing.

Stretch Film

Use stretch film to bundle and protect smaller elements from dirt and dust while moving or in storage.

Bubble Wrap

Protects and cushions fragile items during moving and storage.

Ink-free newsprint paper

Ideal for wrapping ceramic, china, glassware, and other fragile items for protection against chipping and breaking.

Foam Packing Peanuts

Offers protection for your delicate and fragile belongings when packing, moving, and storing.

Packing Tape

High quality tape is important to seal your boxes and keep them from opening and spilling your belongings during the moving process. We offer:

Single Tape Rolls

Clear tape that can be used on nearly all smooth surfaces and holds up against heat and humidity.

Heavy Duty Tape Gun and Tape Rolls

Our self-dispensing tape guns are ideal for quickly and effortlessly sealing boxes before moving and storing them.

Other Moving Supplies to aid you in the moving and storing process include:

  • Fragile Labels – Mark and highlight which boxes hold your fragile belongings
  • Carton Cutters – Easy to use carton cutters make unpacking quick and efficient
  • Locks – Required for locking your storage unit, we offer Cylinder locks, a style more safe and secure than standard padlocks.
  • Permanent Markers – Useful for labeling boxes

What about Moving Services?

While most self-storage services are do-it-yourself as far as physically moving your belongings into the facility, there are various options to make the process easier. We have handcarts and dollies readily available on site to help you move items to your unit. We also suggest bringing a family member or friend along to aid you in the process or seek out professional assistance by hiring a moving company that you trust.

Need help finding a trusted moving company? Feel free to reach out to our storage consultants for advice on how to find the best option for you.

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