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If you are in the process of renting a self-storage unit or already have a self-storage unit, it is crucial to understand how to make the most of the space you are paying for. Whether you are renting a small unit for household items or a large unit for business items, there are several self-storage organization tips you should know. As a leading provider of self-storage units for personal and business use, the team at Formula Storage knows how difficult it can be to keep your unit organized. That is why we have compiled a list of 4 tips to help you organize your unit and maintain optimal accessibility for important items.

4 Tips to Keep Your Self-Storage Unit Organized

To keep your storage unit organized while effectively using the space, it is worth taking the time to perform the following actions:

1. Create an Inventory Checklist

If you will be placing a lot of different items in your storage unit, it is strongly recommended to create an inventory checklist. This will make it easy to know what is in your unit without needing to sort through it, ensuring that nothing is overlooked or forgotten. To effectively create an inventory checklist, write down the items you are placing in the unit as you load them in. While this will take some time, it is well worth it as you will have an accurate record of each item that is in your unit without needing to open boxes or move large items.

2. Place Large & Heavy items Near the Back

When storing items in your unit, it is crucial to remember that heavy objects can crush lighter objects if they are stacked on top of them. To minimize the risk of damage to your personal belongings or business items, you will need to ensure that large and heavy objects are placed at the back of the storage unit and on the bottom of each stack. If large and heavy objects are placed near the front of your unit, you will need to move them every time you need to access other items, increasing the amount of time spent at your unit and the risk of damage to other belongings.

3. Use Clear Plastic Bins Instead of Cardboard Boxes

While cardboard boxes are ideal for shipping items and packing, they are not the best choice for storage units as it can be difficult to identify their contents even if the box is labelled. For example, you may have a box labelled “decorations”, but this may not be enough to help you remember exactly what was placed in the box. Instead of choosing cardboard boxes, consider opting for clear plastic bins instead. Since these bins are transparent, you can easily see what is inside without needing to retrieve and open them.

4. Make Use of Vertical Space

When loading your storage unit, you should be mindful of how much space you have. While it is easy to make use of horizontal space, you should also consider how you can utilize the vertical space in your unit. To make use of vertical space, stack your boxes and bins as high as you can without compromising safety or place a few shelves in your storage unit. Both methods will allow you to maximize the amount of space you have in your unit while keeping it safe and accessible.

To learn more about effective organization tips or to inquire about one of our storage units, get in touch with the team at Formula Storage. We can be reached by phone at 289-999-2626 and will be happy to help you choose the perfect storage unit for your needs.

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