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Formula Storage self storage facility in Brampton, featuring multiple different storage locker unit types.

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Self-storage is a booming industry, but myths and misconceptions also surround it. Many people assume they know everything there is to know about self-storage, but often these beliefs are unfounded. As a leading provider of self-storage units for personal and business use, Formula Storage understands the misconceptions that accompany the self-storage industry. To help potential customers make informed decisions, we have compiled a list of five common self-storage myths.

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5 Most Common Self-Storage Myths

These are the 5 most common self-storage myths that need to be debunked.

1. Self-Storage Is Expensive

Some storage companies do charge high rates, but many affordable options are also available on the market, depending on your location and storage needs. Plus, self-storage is a more cost-effective option when you consider renting a larger apartment or home to accommodate your belongings.

2. Self-Storage Is Only For Hoarders

The idea that only individuals with excessive clutter require storage units is untrue. There are countless reasons someone might choose to use a self-storage unit beyond just keeping old junk around. For example, whether it is for seasonal items like sports equipment or holiday decorations or if you are moving or renovating your home, a storage unit can be beneficial in temporarily storing your belongings until you need them. Additionally, business owners may use self-storage to store inventory or equipment offsite instead of renting out additional office space.

3. Self-Storage Is Not Secure

Self-storage units are unsafe and prone to theft. While there have been isolated incidents of theft at self-storage facilities, most reputable facilities have security measures in place, such as video surveillance, gated access systems, and alarms to keep your belongings safe.

4. Self-Storage Units Are the Same Size

Another common myth is that all storage units are the same size. This is not true. Self-storage facilities offer a variety of unit sizes to fit different needs and budgets. Some units may be as small as a closet, while others may be large enough to store furniture and appliances. Choosing the right size unit for your specific needs is essential to avoid paying for more space than you need.

5. Suitable for Storing Items You do not Want Anymore

Self-storage is only suitable for storing items you do not want. While it is true that many people use self-storage to store seasonal decor or other belongings they do not need daily, self-storage units can be used for almost anything. From business inventory to antique collections or needing extra space for seasonal items like holiday decorations, there are plenty of reasons why someone might choose to rent a storage unit.

To learn more about our self-storage services or inquire about one of our storage units, Formula Storage is here to help. We understand that every customer is unique, which is why we offer a variety of different storage units. Do not hesitate to contact our friendly team today at 289-999-2626.


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